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November 5, 2019 Local Option Levy Election Results

Measure 21-197 - Lincoln County Library District

Local Option Tax for Library Services

November 5, 2019


·        Yes                   5280

·        No                     1920


This measure will renew the expiring local option tax.  Approval of this measure continues providing funding at its present level for the Lincoln County Library District and the funding it provides to libraries in Lincoln City, Newport, Siletz, Toledo and Waldport.


It is estimated that this measure would raise approximately $372,016 in tax revenues for 2020-2021, $383,176 in tax revenues for 2021-2022, $394,672 in tax revenues for 2022-2023,  $406,512 in tax revenues for 2023-2024, and $418,707 in tax revenues for 2024-2025.  The estimated tax cost for this measure is an ESTIMATE ONLY based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of the estimate.